Foscavir Price

6 months ago, Wed, Aug 9, 2017, 00:23:23
FOSCAVIR is a medicine that contains the active substance Foscarnet sodium hexahydrate and is available as Injection. About Medicine Name: FOSCAVIR Generic Name: Foscarnet sodium hexahydrate Strength: 24mg/mL in 250mL Company: ASTRA ZENECA INC. Packing: Intravenous Infusion Solution, 24mg/mL in 250mL glass bottle. If you want to more information then you contact us Phone No.- +91-120– 2400369 Mob. : + 91- 8826990915 Mob. : + 91- 9650877511 WhatsApp: +91 8826990915 Skype ID: tuhinsharma Email ID: