QC for Xray Machine, QC for C-arm Machine, QC for Mammography Machine

8 months ago, Fri, Jul 14, 2017, 21:41:17
What the public need to know: Get X-ray examination done only in hospitals/facilities having registration from AERB. Do not crowd the room where X-ray is taken. Wait for your turn. Co-operate with the radiographer, to avoid repeat X-ray examination. Always wear a lead apron, if you need to assist the patient during X-ray examination. In no case pregnant woman should assist the patient during exposure. Female patient, if pregnant, must inform the radiographer so that necessary precaution can lie taken during X-ray examination. Carry your old X-ray/CT records Contact us: Email : gujrs.qa@gmail.com Phone : +91 70699 60031, 9898161616 website: http://www.gujaratradiation.com/