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5 months ago, Sun, Nov 12, 2017, 03:49:59
This online shop is selling the famous Laguiole knife. who has a bee on it. It's a french handmade knife, manufactured by the famous company "Laguiole en Aubrac". With many options on pocket knives: Simple plates laguiole knife collection, with or without a corkscrew. Double plates Laguiole knife collection, with or without a corkscrew. Collectors serie with Laguiole Damascus blade, or Hammered Bolsters.This website also have a tableware collection: Laguiole steak knives, Laguiole cheese knives and set. Laguiole bread knives and laguiole kicthen knives. For wine amators: The laguiole sommelier knife or laguiole corkscrew is also available. All of the knives are handmade. They are different types of handles with prenium woods: Juniper wood, olive wood, ebony wood, pistachio. Cow horn, deer horn, Mammoth tooth and much more.